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Not for Induction

But for those in the later stages, a great dessert,snack or party treat is this smooth apple dip I came up with. I wanted to have apples and peanut butter on the train but didn't want to have to spread it...so I futzed around with a dip. This is enough for two people, two apples and a fair amount of nutty dip goodness.

1/2 cup sugar free/natural peanut butter
3 tsps splenda (are those packets tsps?)
3 tbs heavy cream
splash vanilla

Heat pb in microwave on high for about 25 seconds. It should be melty. Add splenda, cream and vanilla and stir up. It turns nice and glossy/glazy like a peanut butter frosting would look. It's not too sweet and is great gala apples. (which are usually much smaller than other eating apples)

Stand by, I'm trying to develop a citrus fluff pie...but nut crusts just don't taste as good as shortbread.
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a couple things...

If you're dying for something sweet and don't demand the smooth, dark, richness of a Haagen Daaz, the "carb smart" chocolate ice cream is pretty good! Certainly not something to eat everyday, but flavored with splenda and good for watching movies and eating icecream.

Also, does anyone take the Atkin's Supplements? I take the PM Renew since I'm so prone to constipation, but I've also started taking "Dieter's Advantage" which reduces appetite and manages blood sugar. Any reports on these?
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Back on the wagon.

I went shopping at Target last night, and in the dressing room, I noticed that Target has conveniently included two mirrors in each room with one of them conveniently angled so that you can see the back of yourself while you're trying stuff on.

Holy hell, but I'm a cow.

I'm back on low carb as of today. I went to the grocery store and stocked up, and this weekend is dedicated to pre-cooking for the week, since that's my biggest weak point. I need to have proper food on hand, because I hate cooking one single meal every day when I get home from work.

Right now, I have:

  • A big crock pot full of beef curry, simmering merrily away

  • A huge pan of chicken cacciatore, rife with chicken thighs, green pepper, mushrooms, onions, celery and crushed tomatoes

  • 2.5 dozen eggs boiling, which will be used for breakfasts (pre-peeled hardboiled) and snacks (batch of pre-made egg salad with dijon mustard)

  • Pre-cooked brussels sprouts that only need portioning and reheating

  • Salad ingredients, including field greens, Belgian endive and Romaine

  • The kinds of cheese, muenster and Monteray Jack for snacking, romano for mixing with heavy cream and drizzling over chicken breasts

  • Celery and cream cheese

  • A head of cauliflower and a container of ricotta cheese to mash together after boiling the hell out of the cauliflower

So...how's everyone else doing? :D
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Hot Cocoa

Perfect for your sweet tooth.

2 tbsp splenda
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa (3 carbs)
1 cup heavy cream
dash vanilla

mix splenda, cocoa and about 1/3 of the heavy cream in a microwave safe mug (A BIG ONE) until it makes a paste. Pour in the rest of the cream.

heat on high for 1:30 in the microwave.

Add vanilla at the very end.

Watch your husband whine that HEEEEWAANNTS ONE TOOOOOO

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Are we still here?

So, I'm going to lose this 20 pounds. Done it before, will do it again. Anyways, I'm back in ketosis and that's fabulous, but here's the thing that's bugging me this time.

Ya know how, in "the books" you read, how they warn of bad breath while in ketosis?

I experienced that the first time, so I kept a travel-size bottle of Scope with me all the time. Remember: even gum has carbs.

This time, it's not the breath.

It's my skin.

I smell like onions.

This diet is not good for my vanity in the short term.
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I was just wondering how everyone was doing? I was wondering how people were doing during the holidays, which are always a challenge. I've mostly been pretty good, with a few indulgences here and there. I'm losing at a snail's pace, but at least I'm not gaining, which is actually an accomplishment given the amount of carby-licious desserts and such that have been around.

(Edited to fix typo and bad grammar. There's still probably some bad grammar, though. ;)

Carb City

I am in Hell. I teach Preschool, and yesterday was our last day for the holidays. I got lots of nice gifts from my kids, but lots of candy and snacky presents, too.
A huge box of expensive chocolates, a pretty coffee mug with a big batch of homemade fudge, a big bag of assorted Linder truffles, a big bag of pretzels covered in chocolate and dipped in crushed candy canes, a huge box of Jelly Belly jelly beans, and several plates of cookies.

Someone come throw it all away before I eat it all!